The Impact of Sum of 21

We can talk about what we want to achieve but it means nothing if we can’t show the world what we’ve actually achieved:

Student Experience

Our senior team

Most of the transformation that happens at Sum of 21 is driven by our senior team of creatives, project managers, and account managers. Every single member of the senior team was chosen for their passion and experience in their relative fields, as well as their ability to transfer their skills to the next generation of creatives.

Janhendrik Oosthuizen


Tiaan Ras

Principal – Director

Karen Steenkamp

Creative Director

Carmen Gunkel

Academic – Business Head

Meet the people in charge of ensuring that Sum of 21 continues its drive towards transforming the creative industry.

The story behind our name

Our name is founded on the beauty of two ideas – that our souls have weight, and that we can be greater together than when we stand alone.
Sum is our connection and our conviction that a collection of disparate parts will, when they are together, be greater when combined. In essence, that when we work together, we forge greatness.

Our latter half is founded on the premise that a soul has weight – 21 grams to be precise. While the theory is disproven, it is still a beautiful idea that kindles us with a spark and brings gravitas to our actions. This allows us to create beautiful, impactful and meaningful entities that can change our reality.

This is what our name means to us, and the people we serve:

Sum of 21 – the upliftment of creativity in us, and everyone that walks through our doors.

We’re not just another agency, we’re a home for the creative soul.